Sustainability in Germany


We are committed to the responsible use of the earth's resources and the improvement of living conditions. As a leading, global green company, we use our technologies to contribute to society, the environment and daily life around the world.

Green Facts

Our various products help to improve the environment on our planet. For a more sustainable world.


Our Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050 puts forth the goal of net-zero CO2 emission until the year 2050


CO2 emissions from products in use in the market were reduced by 36 percent in fiscal 2019

The Mitsubishi Electric Group and the SDGs

Through our numerous businesses and the entirety of our corporate activities, including environment, social and governance (ESG)-related activities, the Mitsubishi Electric Group is contributing to meeting the 17 SDGs.

Sustainability has many faces

Our employees talk about how they contribute to sustainability.

Sustainability in the German branch

We engage every day to minimize the consumption of natural ressources.

The nature space

Together with the nature conservation association we designed a nature area behind the German branch in Ratingen.