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Railway Transportation Systems

One Stop Solution for Railway Transportation Systems: We offer mobility solutions that enable reliable, safe and comfortable railway transport. Our focus is on energy-saving technologies and system components based on these technologies for all types of rolling stock. Our products and services are in use in numerous countries around the world.

Product Line-up

Traction: Drive Trains safely and reliably

Drive control and power supply unit with advanced inverter control. We support the safety and comfortable operation of rolling stock with the latest AC motors and drive technologies.

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HVAC and Linedelier: For a comfortable climate

For highly reliable and energy-saving air conditioning of rolling stock. Our HVAC and Lindelier systems also provide a pleasant climate on the road. Our focus is on sustainable technologies, for harmony between people and environment.

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CBTC: Safe train operation through innovative technologies

CBTC is a signal system that enables trains to recognize their own position and ensures two-way wireless communication between on-board and on-track equipment. The system features the use of moving block technology and enables smooth operation with high vehicle density.

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Train Control und Management System: For optimized train control

Supports communication between trains and on-track devices using high-speed and high-volume Ethernet.

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