Mitsubishi Electric in Germany

Mitsubishi Electric has been present in Germany since 1978 as a wholly owned subsidiary. Today, Mitsubishi Electric has its headquarters in Ratingen and runs regional offices all over Germany.


Mitsubishi Electric is always there where the customer needs our support. In Germany we are represented by various sales offices. Contact us!

The German Headquarter

A modern campus for an innovative company.


We are committed to the responsible use of the earth's resources and the improvement of living conditions. As a leading, global green company, we use our technologies to contribute to society, the environment and daily life around the world.

Our engagements

Mitsubishi Electric gets involved and supports institutions and projects of the regions where the company is located. Worldwide and locally. And the own employees. We sponsor sports, arts and culture, science and social affairs as well as the environment we live in. Corporate Social Responsibility is in our particular interest. Let's get started!


Join our company and help to improve the world through modern technology. Having a well-educated team of highly committed individuals is of particular importance to Mitsubishi Electric.

Mitsubishi Electric Around the World



Mitsubishi Electric Germany

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