Mitsubishi Electric in Germany

Our engagements

Social Engagement is an essential part of our company.
By worldwide philantrophic activities Mitsubishi Electric supports the society all over the world.

Our Commitments

Mitsubishi Electric gets involved and supports institutions and projects of the regions where the company is located. Worldwide and locally. And the own employees. We sponsor sports, arts and culture, science and social affairs as well as the environment we live in. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is in our particular interest. Let's get started!

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The changes.AWARD is all about inventiveness, creativity and, above all, teamwork. Q1 students from North Rhine-Westphalia can participate and their task is: develop a product idea, found a fictitious company and write a business plan. This year's theme is the sustainable circular economy. The winning team can look forward to a trip to Tokyo!

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Mitsubishi Electric HALLE

Since April 1st, 2011 Mitsubishi Electric is the official name sponsor of the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE. For 40 years the popular and traditional Düsseldorfer event hall is the appropriate location for a variety of events. For concerts and readings as well as for sports and company events. Reconstructions and renovations gave the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE a new face. The face of Mitsubishi Electric.

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