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Living Environment Systems

Simply smart cooling, heating and air conditioning
As the world's leading supplier of air conditioning technology for home, business and industrial applications, Mitsubishi Electric offers an impressive range of uniformly intelligent, energy-efficient solutions. These tough, high-performance systems are suitable for continuous use under virtually all climatic conditions. They excel not only on account of their quiet, energy-saving operation, but also because of their minimal environmental impact.

Our innovative products at a glance:

The M Series - elegant and efficient

The units in the M Series are designed to create a pleasant all-round climate in the home and in small to medium-sized office and retail spaces. Whether compact floor mounted unit, award-winning designer wall unit or future-oriented ceiling cassette, the M Series is sufficiently versatile to offer the optimal solution for any space. The combined cooling and heating function is also perfect for generating a pleasantly cool atmosphere on hot days and heat in seasonal transition periods.
But flexibility isn't all that the M Series has to offer - added to this are maximum energy efficiency, whisper-quiet operation, an integral room air filter and comfort features such as the 3D i-see sensor. This is technology from Mitsubishi Electric that guarantees virtually perfect air conditioning control.

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The Mr Slim Range - sturdy and powerful

In shops, offices and restaurants, an agreeable indoor climate is crucial; after all, it considerably enhances the quality of stay, contributing to the physical comfort of staff, visitors and customers. By investing in units from the Mr Slim Series you can rely on energy-saving, efficient and extremely sturdy air conditioning solutions. In addition to their operational reliability and high energy efficiency, the air conditioning systems are impressively easy to install and operate and characterised by quiet running and a wide output range.
Thanks to their high and sensitive cooling capacity, Mr Slim systems can also maintain temperature and humidity at an extremely uniform level, an ability that makes them ideally suited not least for use in sensitive environments such as server rooms.

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The City Multi VRF Range - flexible and demand-driven

When it comes to office blocks, hotels, shopping centres or hospitals, the products in the City Multi VRF range are ideal for large and complex buildings that require individual air conditioning solutions. The feature that really sets them apart is our R2 technology, which is based on the globally unique 2-pipe system for simultaneous cooling and heating with heat recovery. The energy that is taken from the rooms being cooled is used to heat those rooms where warmth is required.
Other winning aspects of City Multi VRF air conditioning systems are independent control of indoor units and flexible installation as well as a wide range of indoor models, plus a large outdoor unit power range. Maximum energy efficiency, optimum space utilisation and low investment costs make the City Multi VRF range the perfect solution for managing a host of air conditioning requirements.

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Ecodan heat pumps - quickly installed, thrifty with energy

Heating economically, efficiently and with a low environmental impact is child's play with Ecodan heat pumps. Uniting maximum efficiency with really simple operation, they utilise free environmental energy as a favourable heat source, even at extreme outdoor temperatures. This is because, unlike conventional heat pumps, the Ecodan solutions feature the patented Zubadan technology, which delivers 100% capacity even at outside temperatures of – 15° , supplying reliable heat for the home.

What also makes Ecodan heat pumps the perfect choice for new builds or modernisation projects is their quick, easy, flexible installation. A suitable solution comprising outdoor and indoor units exists for every application. Further components can be added as required.

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Lossnay ventilation systems - highly advanced yet especially quiet

Building envelopes are becoming increasingly airtight. As a result, efficient ventilation solutions are growing in importance. We offer a smart solution in this regard in the Lossnay ventilation system, which supplies fresh room air while maintaining a uniform temperature and air humidity.
Equipped with a heat recovery system, it extracts stale air while providing fresh outdoor air to the space at the same time. Here's the key: utilising the existing cooling/heating energy almost completely for the exchange results in economies of up to 70%. The quiet Lossnay ventilation units can be used for central and decentralised installation as well as in combination with other air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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Air curtains - effective and quick to fit

Air Curtains

Open entrance areas in shops and public buildings make high demands on air conditioning technology. To separate heated room air from the ingress of air from outside, we have developed a number of high-performance air curtains.
These systems create a wall of air that safeguards the interior against temperature variations and air pollution. Quiet yet powerful, the air curtains ensure clean room air at the right temperature in entrance areas while achieving huge energy savings.

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Refrigerant compressors - durable and versatile

From air conditioning to heating systems, we produce a host of powerful rotary compressors for a broad application spectrum. The advanced scroll compressors utilise the globally patented "Frame Compliance Mechanism" (FCM), a technology that maximises energy use with minimal friction and thus low vibration, guaranteeing a long service life and low noise levels in operation. Thanks to their outstanding performance and longevity, these compressors are perfectly suited to a wide range of uses.

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Hand Dryers

Jet Towel - hygienic and convenient

Invented by Mitsubishi Electric in 1993, the Jet Towel hand dryer has been developed continuously and perfected. The result: it now sets the standard for modern electric hand dryers.
It's ideal for facilities with a high public footfall, drying hands thoroughly in seconds with the aid of ultra-modern Jet air jets. Its impressively energy-efficient, low-noise operation adds a new dimension in comfort and user satisfaction.

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Chillers - flexible and always right

Chillers have been used for decades in building air conditioning and for cooling technical processes. However, the demand for energy efficiency and low operating costs has risen over the years. The consequence: new, cost-efficient products are required.
In the new e-Series, which is characterised by a modular construction, we offer an optimal, future-oriented and flexible solution. The chiller can be supplied in the "Cooling only" or "Cooling/Heating" variants as a heat pump, and is also available on request as a "Heating only" variant.