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Mitsubishi Electric Launches Global Awareness Campaign About the Relevance of Factory Automation Systems

Ratingen, Germany 27 September 2023

Mitsubishi Electric has started a global awareness campaign using a series of illustrative stories, each accompanied by a striking visual, aimed at a broad audience not only from the manufacturing industries. The company hopes to bring readers to understand the relevance of factory automation to them in their everyday lives, as well as providing manufacturers with a vision of a future enabled by the use of factory automation. The materials will be used in a variety of marketing activities, ranging from websites to exhibitions and advertisements.

Image Caption: Mitsubishi Electric’s main story is titled "Let’s manufacture what matters to you."

[Source: Mitsubishi Electric Europe, Germany]

The foundational story and visual is titled "Let’s manufacture what matters to you." It illustrates, through the use of a rocket as an example, that in the future, the design, manufacture and logistics of products will be tailored to each individual’s needs, while being delivered with efficiency and speed.

The second story-visual combination is focused on how digital technologies will be driving advanced manufacturing in the future and is titled "Digitally multiplying the potential of manufacturing." It explains how digital technology and data utilization will set manufacturing free from traditional constraints, leading to increased productivity and quality while eliminating waste and errors.

Image Caption: "Digitally multiplying the potential of manufacturing" encapsulates the relationship between digital technologies and manufacturing.

[Source: Mitsubishi Electric Europe, Germany]

The third and final vignette, titled "Manufacturing made sustainable.", focuses on how sustainable manufacturing will support the creation of a sustainable world. It explains that, for example, efficiency is not only good business sense, but it also has less impact on the environment.

Image Caption: Sustainability is a key topic for everyone, but also offers several different viewpoints as illustrated in "Manufacturing made sustainable."

[Source: Mitsubishi Electric Europe, Germany]

The three themes, their explanations and key visuals, are all aimed at making the topic of factory automation "accessible" to all members of society. For example, the repeated "girl in the red dress" and robot arm memes highlight that automation exists to support and aid humans to achieve their goals, from helping to create the product or service that is wanted, to customizing it to an individual’s needs, and ensuring that process has minimal impact on the environment. This approach is not in isolation but within the context of supporting society to remain sustainable through employment and countermeasures to the aging workforce, the need for manufacturing flexibility and agility while remaining profitable, and the greater use of technological advancements that deliver life benefits.

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