The German Headquarter

Innovative Solutions


True-to-life images

All of the TFT-LCD flat screen monitors along with the interactive media wall in the entrance foyer have been developed by Mitsubishi Electric. With their true-to-life colours and outstanding image quality these eye-catching installations bring the virtual and real worlds closer together.

Energy concept with vision

Many innovative technologies come from our company and are (sample) examples for highest efficency. The energy concept was developed with the comprehensive know-how of the Living Environment Systems division.

This is where all threads converge

The German branch is equipped with a building management system that gurantees a highly efficent operation of the infrastructure. A control system can be used to monitor air conditioning and heating systems as well as lighting and security technology such as access, burglary, fire and smoke detection systems.

The new era of vertical transportation

Lower energy consumption, maximum reliability and a sophisticated high-quality design are the key requirements when it comes to lifts. That is precisely why we rely on our technically advanced NEXIEZ-MRL lifts for the vertical transportation of visitors and employees.

More safety, lower costs

Fire protection adds a further layer of safety to a building – despite being costly and maintenance-intensive. When incorporated in fire and smoke alarm systems, Mitsubishi Electric contact sensors delect faults with smoke dampers and thus contribute to enhanced safety and significantly reduce the need for costly high-maintenance fire protection.

For fast and safe switching operations

4,000 safety switches control almost all circuit breakers and fault protection circuit breakers. The compact contactors are characterized by an energy-saving design and can be expanded modularly. They enable user-friendly and cost-effective installation and wiring.

Hands dry in seconds

The Jet Towel hand dryers in the sanitary rooms use air jets to completely dry the hands within seconds.

Intelligent control

Whether individual local temperature control of a room or central system control, where all indoor units of a building can be controlled and monitored from a central point – our control systems save energy and protect the environment.

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