Supplier Management

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Mitsubishi Electric Group considers "ethics and compliance" as the basis of corporate governance in order to build an even stronger relationship of trust with society, customers and partners.

The Mitsubishi Electric Supplier Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the "Code of Conduct") is a uniform guideline compiling and summarizing laws and regulations as well as social standards to be observed and respected by any supplier when working with Mitsubishi Electric.

Our Suppliers are required to comply with this Code of Conduct, all applicable laws and regulations and contractual obligations.

Mitsubishi Electric is entitled to check our Suppliers' compliance with the requirements of this Code of Conduct and to terminate any business relation-ship in the event of violations.

1.Compliance with the Law

Suppliers must ensure their production, products and services are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in each jurisdiction(s) where they operate. Our suppliers must also comply with locally applicable laws, regulations and standards.

2.Respect for Human Rights

As a globally active company, Mitsubishi Electric is fully committed to our responsibility to respect human rights. We do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, religion, gender, disability or any other grounds prohibited by applicable law.
We expect our suppliers to comply with the same standards, too.

  1. 2.1.Child Labor
  2. Mitsubishi Electric does not allow any form of child labor and will not tolerate the use of child labor by its Suppliers either. Our Suppliers also ensure that they do not conduct business with business partners who use child labor.
  3. For the purpose of this Code of Conduct, child labor covers all type of work carried by employees under the statutory minimum age applicable to employees where the work is performed
  1. 2.2.Forced Labor
  2. Suppliers shall never employ or make anyone working against his or her will or conduct business with business partners that promote or use such practices.
  1. 2.3.Human Trafficking
  2. Suppliers shall refrain from the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of per-sons, by means of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of exploitation. They shall also refrain from using or providing labor or services procured illegally.
  1. 2.4.Discrimination
  2. Mitsubishi Electric does not tolerate any form of discrimination. Suppliers must promote non-discrimination and respect for employees: All employees must be treated with dignity and respect. Principles of equal opportunity and treatment of employees to be applied, irrespective of skin color, race, nationality, ethnicity, political affiliation, social background, disabilities, gender, sexual identity and orientation, marital status, religious conviction, or age.

3.Labor Relations

Mitsubishi Electric expects our suppliers to provide an appropriate and safe working environment for all their employees, regardless of the form of employment.

  1. 3.1.Compliance with Labor Laws and Regulations
  2. Suppliers must comply, at a minimum, with all applicable local labor and employment laws and regulations in the countries where they operate, with respect, but not limited, to wages, benefits, working hours and working conditions.
  1. 3.2.Health and Safety
  2. Suppliers shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations and use their best efforts to respect health and safety procedures to ensure the safety, health and welfare of their employees, visitors and others who are involved in their business activities.
  1. 3.3.Freedom of Association
  2. Suppliers are expected to respect the freedom of association or workers and their rights to communicate openly with management regarding working conditions without fear of harassment, intimidation, penalty, interference or retaliation.

4.Fair Business Practices

  1. 4.1.Anti-Corruption and Bribery
  2. Our Suppliers do not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery and do not participate directly or indirectly in it. They do not offer, grant or promise benefits to government officials, private-sector counterparties or other decision-makers in order to influence their official actions or to gain an un-fair advantage. This also covers the granting or acceptance of improper acceleration payments.
  1. 4.2.Competition
  2. Our Suppliers ensure that they act in accordance with national and international antitrust and com-petition regulations and do not engage in price fixing, sharing of markets or customers, market collusion or bid rigging.
  1. 4.3.Intellectual Property
  2. Suppliers shall not commit any form of infringement or supply counterfeit products.
  1. 4.4.Export Control and Customs
  2. Suppliers must ensure that their actions comply with all applicable laws and regulations that apply to the import and export and customs of goods they provide or services they render.
  1. 4.5.Conflicts of Interest
  2. Our suppliers shall ensure that conflicts of interest, internally and to Mitsubishi Electric, that could affect business relationships are avoided and/or disclosed. They shall endeavor to avoid even the appearance of such conflicts of interest.
  1. 4.6.Data Protection and Confidentiality
  2. Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal data and shall take all necessary measures to protect all confidential information and data, including, but not limited to, confidential, proprietary, company specific and personal information and data. Information and data must not be used for purposes be-yond the scope of the business arrangements with Mitsubishi Electric, without first obtaining Mitsubishi Electric’s approval in writing.
  1. 4.7.Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
  2. Our suppliers do not directly or indirectly promote or participate in money laundering and/or terrorist financing and ensure that they comply with all laws in this regard.
  1. 4.8.Conflict Minerals
  2. Our suppliers take appropriate measures to avoid the use of raw materials in their products that originate from conflict and risk areas and contribute to human rights violations, corruption, the financing of armed groups or similar negative impacts.

5.Environmental Protection

Mitsubishi Electric sees the preservation of the environment as one of the most important tasks of corporate management, in the awareness that we share the global environment with future generations. Therefore our Suppliers are also expected to operate in a sustainable manner with environmental protection at the core of all activities. Our Suppliers must comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, in each case, applicable to a Supplier’s products or operations.

6.Supply Chain

Our Suppliers will undertake reasonable efforts to encourage their own suppliers and sub-contractors to comply with the principles of this Code of Conduct.

Our Suppliers comply with the principles of non-discrimination in the selection of suppliers and in their dealings with suppliers.

7.Reporting of Infringements

Mitsubishi Electric is committed to conducting business fairly, openly and honestly.

For this purpose, Mitsubishi Electric has implemented a whistleblower system. In the event of concrete indications of serious violations of rules or laws, information can be submitted, evaluated and pursued accordingly. Submissions can be sent to the email address (mail link)