Successful digital transformation with Smart Manufacturing Kaizen Level (SMKL)

Smart manufacturing is the goal - but where do you start?

Digital transformation is essential for maintaining competitiveness in the manufacturing industry

There is a consensus in the industry that digital transformation in the manufacturing industry is essential for maintaining competitiveness in global competition.

After all, this is the only way to master the challenges of today, such as supply chain disruptions, rising energy costs, production downtime, etc.

The manufacturing industry lacks a strategy for digitization

The difference between theory and practice: Despite the realization of the need for digitization, little is invested in digitization in industry.

There is a lack of a strategy for digitization, tools to measure success, and concrete process steps needed to develop into a digital factory.

Source: Customer survey, 2021

The solution: Mitsubishi Electric's SMKL concept for digitizing manufacturing

Mitsubishi Electric addresses the discrepancy between awareness of the relevance of smart manufacturing and the lack of implementation of digitization measures and offers a concept for digital transformation with SMKL.

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Theoretical foundation for a successful digital transformation: SMKL

Mitsubishi Electric serves as a partner for digital transformation, offering the Smart Manufacturing Kaizen Level (SMKL) as a secure and scalable index to assess and advance the digital maturity of factories.

The degree of data usage is evaluated using two axes: maturity on the vertical axis and management level on the horizontal axis.

With SMKL digital actions can be implemented step-by-step under constant control of the ROI up to the defined target of the degree of data utilization.

SMKL Matrix

Products and solutions for every digital maturity level

With Mitsubishi Electric, you have a strong partner with the necessary know-how to accompany you on the path to digital transformation into a smart factory. We offer consulting and products for both industrial automation and information technologies.

Mitsubishi Electric offers solutions in all four levels of digitalization maturity: Data acquisition, visualization, analysis and optimization. These solutions have proven themselves in the factory automation of our own and other companies.

Vertical axis: Digital Maturity Level

Successes realized through the digitization of production with SMKL

Embark on your digital transformation journey with Mitsubishi Electric, a century-strong partner in factory automation. Benefit from comprehensive solutions, proven across all digitalization levels, and leverage the low-risk, profit-maximizing concept of Smart Manufacturing Kaizen Level (SMKL).

Find out why Mitsubishi Electric is the right partner for the digital transformation of your factory.

Mitsubishi Electric has recorded numerous successes in digital transformations for its clients

Improvement of production efficiency by +30% by analysing the line's workflows

Problem definition:
Low production efficiency and uncontrollable cost management - work speed and errors vary among the workers


Implementation of support tools for the assembly process, demonstrating the procedure, and gather/analyze data on working hours and errors in the workplace.

Significant cost reductions by improving work efficiency through minimising operating errors

Savings of €5,000 in energy costs per year through visualisation of energy consumption

Problem definition:
High energy consumption and operating costs without the possibility of determining where the high energy consumption occurs

Measurement of the energy consumption of each line and visualisation of the factory

Successful identification of machines with high energy consumption and savings of €5,000 in energy costs per year

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  • Solutions for the digitalization of production
  • Results from our production by increasing the degree of data utilization
  • Further explanation of SMKL

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