MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Our solutions in Smart Manufacturing at a glance

Collecting information at all levels is the most important aspect.

With our solutions we are able to collect information from Mitsubishi Electric devices as well as from other industrial networks. Our open interfaces allow you to connect to all devices.

The use case for collecting data and feeding it into the
Cloud is to create a "single point of truth", the digital twin. With the help of the digital twin, the further steps in maturity can be initiated.

The scalability of the solution is crucial for the visualization of the production process.

The portfolio of solutions ranges from low-cost HMI to cloud-based management tools. If more complex visualizations are required, these can also be realized - even across plant boundaries.

Templates and sample projects are also available.

For analysis, tools are available for real-time diagnostics that can also handle Big Data analysis and historical data analysis.

Also in the portfolio are pre-built applications with AI. These help to determine the carbon food print and for predictive maintenance, among other things.

The analysis of the tools results in suggestions for optimizing production.

This applies in terms of efficiency, quality, predictive maintenance, energy management and waste prevention. Essential aspects to ensure your competitiveness in the market.

Sounds interesting? Discover our solutions regarding Smart Manufacturing!

You can find more exciting information about Smart Manufacturing in accordance with SMKL in our whitepaper.

Among other things, we highlight the following aspects:

  • Solutions for the digitalization of production
  • Results from our production by increasing the degree of data utilization
  • Further explanation of SMKL

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