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From the cost-effective condition monitoring to innovative industrial robots.


The German industry is facing a fundamental change since the industrialization. The reason: Industry 4.0 – the industrial development of "Internet of Things". How can companies master these challenges?

Case studies


Our modern 6-axis robots solve even the most complicated tasks very rapidly.

Eutect, the electronic soldering module manufacturer, relies increasingly on Mitsubishi Electric's 6-axis robots. This type of robot not only handles more complicated tasks than standard 3-axis kinematic modules – it does so more rapidly and takes up less floor space.
Eutect's customers benefit from better process integration, greater flexibility, shorter setup and cycle times as well as savings in space and investment costs. The use of robots provides a measure of future-proofing; this is hard to quantify, but is more important than ever.


Our experts are developing status-oriented maintenance strategies for the large-scale production of specialty paper at Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH.

Whether used for receipts, bank statements or tickets – thermal paper is everywhere. Around 300 tons of thermal paper are given a special coating by Coating Machine 3 at Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH every day. And that at the record speed of up to 1,730 meters per minute.
Coating Machine 3 has 26 ventilation units that ensure a contactless drying of the paper.These ventilators are monitored for deviant vibrations using 26 FAG SmartCheck systems. This monitoring system helps to avoid machine malfunctions, meaning that production can be optimised and total operating costs lowered significantly.

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