MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
The LE-10WTA-CCL and LD-10WTB-CCL tension controllers offer various methods of tension control in combination with the tension detector input adapter and reel diameter calculation adapter connected to the main unit.

Feedback type tension controller

This type of controller directly measures the material tension using the tension detector, and performs feedback control so that the tension during unwinding and winding matches the set value. This method can accurately control tension with regard to the set value. When performing externally sequenced multiple-shaft switchover control, new reel pre-set control is performed based on the reel change input signal. However, pre-drive control shall be performed externally.

Open loop type tension controller

This type of controller detects the reel diameter using sensors and controls the unwinding and winding torque. This method can stably control tension without being sensitive to sudden disturbances. Unwinding braking torque and winding torque shall be controlled based on the reel diameter measured on a noncontact basis

System configuration


  • Highly advanced tension control
  • Perform feedback control or open-loop control in accordance with the connected adapter
  • Highly precise tension controls with high response and stability are achieved by feedforward/feedback complex control brought by the combination of feedback control and open-loop control.
  • Sophisticated tension control is achieved using the polygonal line taper function and inertia
    compensation gain automatic calculation based on the reel diameter data from the reel diameter
    calculation adapter and on the line speed/line acceleration data.
  • The polygonal line taper function allows the setting of up to 8 points to enable detailed taper control in accordance with the material and reel diameter