Pupils, Trainings & Students


Do you want to collect some practical experience during your time in school get to know some exciting professions? Mitsubishi Electric offers timetabled internships for pupils to give you an insight into working life but you can also come to us for voluntary work experience.


Are you still unsure about what you want to do after school?
We offer you the opportunity to spend a three year training in the section wholesale and foreign trade and information technology. Our experienced product specialists in the various departments will provide you the appropriate product knowledge.


You have finfished your school and would like to start an integrated degree program? We offer you the opportunity to start your career in this sections:

Mechatronics & product development (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kältesystemtechnik (Bachelor of Science)

All over that you can apply for an internship, as a worlking stundent and you can write your final assignment in our company.
No suitable job offer can be found? Then we look forward to your unsolicited application!